Tips For Hiring A Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

an injury after an accident in las vegas

Being injured in an accident can have life-altering repercussions. Even after your injuries heal, you still may be faced with a long-term disability or with ongoing mental or emotional issues. Trying to make a living while dealing with these issues can be impossible, leaving you struggling to make ends meet. The situation is even worse if you are the sole breadwinner for your family. Everyone you care for suffers as a result of the accident.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. By hiring a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer, you can force the party responsible for your accident to take responsibility for their negligence. Depending on the outcome of your case, they may be required to not only cover the cost of your medical expenses, but also to pay damages for pain and suffering, mental health treatment and loss of wages due to your injuries.

The key to success lies in choosing the right lawyer to represent you. The following tips can help you find the best lawyer to handle your case:

  1. Choose a lawyer who is experienced. In general, the more experience a lawyer has, the better equipped they will be to help you win your case. Ideally, you should choose a lawyer who has been practicing law for a number of years and who specializes specifically in personal injury cases. This will give you the best shot of getting a successful outcome in your case.
  2. Look for a lawyer with a good track record. Years of experience don’t mean much if the lawyer has lost every case that they’ve ever taken on. Along with plenty of experience, you also want to make sure that the lawyer has a history of winning a large percentage of their cases, or of negotiating excellent settlements on their clients’ behalf.
  3. Meet in person with several lawyers until you find one you like. Although it is not totally necessary, it does help if you have a good rapport with your lawyer. During your initial consultation, you can generally get a feel for whether or not a lawyer has a good feeling about your case and whether they are really committed to winning it. If you don’t feel like their heart is in it, you should probably keep looking.Likewise, your lawyer should have excellent communication skills. They should make it easy for you to understand what is happening with your case. At the same time, they should also listen carefully to your concerns and provide helpful answers to any questions you may have. After all, they work for you — not the other way around. If you feel like there are frequent misunderstandings between you and your lawyer, you should also probably try to find someone else to represent you.
  4. Choose a lawyer who works on contingency. When you are dealing with a life-altering injury, you probably don’t have a lot of disposable income to spend on a lawyer. The best way around this obstacle is to look for a lawyer who is willing to take on your case on a contingency basis. That means that they only take a payment if you win your case. That way you won’t have to deal with the stress of figuring out how to pay your lawyer on top of all of the other stress that you are already dealing with.

These tips for hiring a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer should help you locate and hire a lawyer who is more than qualified for the job. The more time and effort you put into finding a good lawyer, the greater your chances of winning your case.

3 Unknown and Interesting Facts About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is commonly known for partying and gambling. But there are some interesting facts about Las Vegas that most people don’t know. Here are some:

#1 Atomic Tourism

Between 1952 and 1962, nuclear tests were conducted in Nevada Test Site. Las Vegas had casinos in the 50s. But then it was not a popular destination. The first atomic bomb was tested in Nevada to attract people from all over the world to Las Vegas.

Atomic tourism started. Restaurants had atomic themes in their décor; showgirls wore hair similar to a mushroom cloud. Parties were arranged on the casino rooftops so that people could see the nuclear blasts. The tests were done after confirming the weather so that radioactive fallout from bombs would not remain in Las Vegas, instead will be drifted away.

#2 Gambling is illegal near Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the place for gambling with so many slot machines located everywhere. You will be surprised to know that gambling is not allowed 40 kilometers from the Strip at Boulder City.

In 1931 many workers constructed the Hoover Dam. Federal officials were worried that the workers would spend all their pay checks in local casinos. So, they prohibited gambling in this city.

#3 Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas

People normally know that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas. But it’s not true. By law prostitution is only allowed in counties where population is less than 400,000. Las Vegas was in the Clark County and they didn’t want any prostitutes in that county.

This was the only county with population more than 400,000. So, legally there is no open prostitution in Las Vegas. But illegally, it has been going on for centuries like the saying ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ So, don’t be surprised if you find telephone directory full of numbers of escort agencies in Las Vegas.

5 of The Most Luxurious Condos for Sale in Las Vegas

There are some great priced condos available in Las Vegas. These condos have very high demand. So if you want to own one, you should move fast.

The Martin

It is one of the most luxurious high rise buildings in Las Vegas. It is being sold out fast. There are only 40 units left and some penthouses which you can customize using your own architect. It’s location is amazing and you get beautiful views from the building. You can buy these residential units from $300K to $7.5M.


Platinum Hotel and Resort

Investors are buying these at very low prices. It is located some distance from the Las Vegas Strip at Koval and Flemingo. It would cost you $100,000.


Panorama Towers

These are very popular selling condos in Las Vegas. Its major attraction is its great location and modern amenities. The interior has been recently remodeled. It has stylish décor and modern security system. There is a great gym for you to work out and keep yourself healthy.


Signature at MGM Grand

It is the best investment property in Las Vegas . The sales of these condos have increased. Already 21 has been sold and 19 are on the pipeline.


Allure Las Vegas

It is a building situated at a developing location. The SLS Las Vegas has started building luxury hotels and resort, along with casinos on the North Strip. So this will be a very demanding area to live in soon. So you can buy a condo in this region before SLS opens and the price of condo goes up.


Condos are part of Las Vegas living style. If you have the money, buying a luxury condo is worth it. Prices of condos are increasing, so it will be a good investment.

5 Things You Have to See in Las Vegas

There are so many things to see and do in Las Vegas that you cannot take the juice of everything on one visit. So you need to narrow down your list and decide what to see this time. Here’s our top picks of Las Vegas:

#1 Visit the Stratosphere at the happy hour

Enjoy the views at Level 107 Lounge at Stratosphere. This Top of the World Restaurant revolves 360 degrees in every 80 minutes, except the Level 107. To get a full view of the outside, you must walk around. If you visit this place at the happy hour, then you can enjoy some great meals.

#2 Visit the Neon Museum

It is a historical museum of Las Vegas. It has numerous vintage signs on display. The Neon Museum’s visitor center is worth visiting. It’s actually the lobby of the famous La Concha Motel, which has been restored.

#3 See Absinthe

This is a wild ride. It is a partially adult carnival and partly a variety show. It is also partly raunchy and partly WTF. This is a hilarious show that takes place at the Caesars Palace.

#4 Shop at the Zombie Apocalypse Store

If you are a zombie fan then you must visit this place. You will get items ranging from survival gear to more modern zombie products. This place is real fun.

#5 Visit the Ferris Wheel

It is the tallest observation deck in the world. This can be the most thrilling and romantic ride of your life.

These are some of the things you shouldn’t miss if you are visiting Las Vegas. But, of course you will be doing your usual things like going to casino, dining, clubbing, etc. Las Vegas has a variety of things to see. One visit will not be enough to see it all.