3 Unknown and Interesting Facts About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is commonly known for partying and gambling. But there are some interesting facts about Las Vegas that most people don’t know. Here are some:

#1 Atomic Tourism

Between 1952 and 1962, nuclear tests were conducted in Nevada Test Site. Las Vegas had casinos in the 50s. But then it was not a popular destination. The first atomic bomb was tested in Nevada to attract people from all over the world to Las Vegas.

Atomic tourism started. Restaurants had atomic themes in their décor; showgirls wore hair similar to a mushroom cloud. Parties were arranged on the casino rooftops so that people could see the nuclear blasts. The tests were done after confirming the weather so that radioactive fallout from bombs would not remain in Las Vegas, instead will be drifted away.

#2 Gambling is illegal near Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the place for gambling with so many slot machines located everywhere. You will be surprised to know that gambling is not allowed 40 kilometers from the Strip at Boulder City.

In 1931 many workers constructed the Hoover Dam. Federal officials were worried that the workers would spend all their pay checks in local casinos. So, they prohibited gambling in this city.

#3 Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas

People normally know that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas. But it’s not true. By law prostitution is only allowed in counties where population is less than 400,000. Las Vegas was in the Clark County and they didn’t want any prostitutes in that county.

This was the only county with population more than 400,000. So, legally there is no open prostitution in Las Vegas. But illegally, it has been going on for centuries like the saying ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ So, don’t be surprised if you find telephone directory full of numbers of escort agencies in Las Vegas.

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